Going To Village

4 Maret 2011

Yay..! After Surabaya, Solo and last…. Padang. Yeah.. I’m touring Indonesia \(^o^)/

Sorry for late posting ya. So, I wanna share a story about my village in Solok, West Sumatera. Solok is my father’s home town. So, i go there because my cousin wedding’s and my father’s really miss his home town :D. The nature in Solok still natural. Many forest, hill and then a gorgeous view that can we found there. The first thing that I felt is when we arrive at Minangkabau International Airport, I’m so speechless. Because, there a many view that we can see like a Barisan Hill’s, and then the beach with a some island. A moment when we go in land, from the plane we can see Barisan Hill’s on the right side and we can see the beach with some island inside on the left side. Wow, so the airport is between beach and hill’s..! This is the pict that I take a moment before we take off. Take a look.

From the right side, before take off to Minangkabau International Airport.

From the left side, before take off to Minangkabau International Airport.

And here we go..! we arrive at Minangkabau International Airport..!

But, unfortunately..after we arrive at airport, we have to take a long time to arrive to Solok. Because, the airport is in the Pariaman town, and my village is in the Solok. So, we took 6 hours to go there.Hmm..what a long journey! We picked up by my uncle, and then we going to Solok by a car. During the trip, my eyes are pampered by stunning views! I see a Singgalang mountain, and then Anai Valley and then a water fall beside a road. What a gorgeous views! So, I do not want to be left to take a photos. Take a look 😉

This is the road when we go out from airport.

 This is Anay Valley

Anai Valley is a beautifull valley. If it rains, the valley will suddenly become the valley with lots of waterfalls on the roadside. About at least 100KM we are accompanied by views of the Anai valley and finally we touchdown at Singkarak Lake. Anyone knows Singakarak Lake? Singkarak Lake is the second largest lake after Lake Toba in Sumatra. There’s something unique at Singkarak Lake. There’s live a fish Bilih that exist only at Singkarak Lake. Bilih Fish is one of the typical of Padang. So, after we touchdown at Singkarak. We decide to lunch first, yaa..take off from Soekarno Hatta is about 6.30 AM and we arrive at Minangkabau Airport is about 9:00 AM. It’s to early morning..fiuhh, Y_Y. Because this Padang actually, we ate Nasi Padang..zzz..so bored with this thing. And we ate on the side of Singkarak Lake.

Well yaa..unfortunately the taste of food it’s not good actually. They sold a Singkarak views not the taste of food. So, I’m not finish with my lunch. I said to my Dad ‘They sold views Dad, they not sale the food..we fooled.’ My Dad smiling, it’s mean he agree with my words. Oya..Bilih fish is only exist at Singkarak Lake actually. So, when we have a lunch.. I saw many fish and yaa..that’s  a Bilih Fish \(^0^)/.

 This is Singkarak Lake.

After we had a lunch, we continue our journey to Solok to Koto Diatas exactly. We have to took a road about 56KM from Singkarak Lake to my village. My village is in the top one of Barisan Hill’s. Solok is same like Puncak exactly. The nature still have a cool climate. So, when we entering to one of the Hill’s, we can see Singkarak from the top. I can’t say anything except… “Wow…it is real?? marvelous.. ” during a trip to my hometown, a lot of wild monkeys roam beside the road. Unfortunately, I’m not took the photos 😦 I’m still regret about that things till now. And after 3hours on the road from Singkarak Lake, here we go..Welcome homeee…! 😀

 This is not my home exactly :D. This is the track to my granny home, we took a upward path.

After we take about 9 minute from main street, we have to walk away on this road. You know, my village is awesome..! There’s still a rivers with a many rock and then a lot of monkey on the tree, yaa..wild monkey! and the squirrel, and then a lot of animals. Cape ahh pake bahasa inggris, pake bahasa Indonesia aja yakk lanjutinnya. Naahh, udah sampe dirumah kakaknya Ayah kita salam-salaman dulu deh tuh cipika cipiki. Oia, hal pertama yang saya lakukan pertama kali waktu sampe dikampung adalah, saya pergi ke pasar! ya..namanya Pasar Sotu. Dinamakan Pasar Sato karena pasar ini adanya hanya hari Sabtu aja (Sotu = Sabtu). Saya pun jalan2 kepasar dengan Kakaknya ayah dan saya memanggilnya Amak, seharunya Etek (dalam bahasa Jawa dikenal dengan Uwa), karena saya lebih suka meng-Ibukan seseorang, jadi saya memanggilnya Amak. Karena acara utamanya adalah acara nikahan Kakak Sepupu saya, maka saya pun standy by dirumah pengantin. Karena ini Padang, jadi pesta pernikahannya dilangsungkan dirumah laki-laki karena Padang adalah Matrilineal (klo ga tau Matrilineal Googling dulu deh 😀 ). Mau tau sibuknya acara pernikahan di Padang? ini dia gambarnya, take a look 😉

To be continued (lupa lagi ga pake dell, padahal foto2nya ada disana..ini lg pake Mac..zzz..maaf 😀 )


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