He’s The One..

This story about me from 5 weeks ago..

1. Who’s always waking me up everyday in 4 AM in the early early morning? He is..

2. Who’s always coddle me on every single day? He is..

3. Who’s always be my reminder every time I go to the office (check your phone, your jacket, your wallet, etc)? He is..

4. Who’s always call me with, Hunnie, Yayang, Yang, Chiko, but my favorite it’s when he call me ‘Sayang’ from the deepest of his heart? He is..

5. Who’s always help me when even I don’t need a help from everyone? He is..

6. Who’s always become my last talking with in the night and become the first one talk with in the early morning? He is..


Yaa..all of my life become his life too since 5 weeks ago. Bless me God. 🙂


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